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Several key global trends affect our customers’ business, and as a consequence, our own work. Urbanisation, environmental concerns and resource scarcity are all driving demand for cleaner, more sustainable energy, generated with efficient and reliable production processes, which our technologies support.


現在、世界の人口の半数以上が都市部に住んでいます。都市の条件としてエネルギーは不可欠なため、都市化によって巨大都市や交通システムに必要なエネルギーの需要は増え続ける一方です。IMI Criticalなら、革新的技術を用いてこの需要増大を支えることが可能です。

  • Turbine bypass and control systems enabling fast response combined cycle power plants to respond to meet demand surges at certain times of day.
  • Turbine bypass systems for super critical plants that serve as primary power.
  • Enabling production of liquefied natural gas, allowing transport of energy globally to where it is needed.
  • 石油パイプライン用の輸送インフラで、必要とされている場所へ燃料を移送 ​

Environmental Emissions

Our technologies are helping our customers respond to a number of global environmental challenges, climate change among them. IMI Critical can help companies reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve higher energy efficiency, reducing the impact of energy production and other industrial processes vital to our everyday lives. IMI Critical solutions include:

  • Fugitive emission packing for control valves – prevents leakage of greenhouse gases in process industries.
  • Safeguarding plant operators and the communities they serve.
  • プラントが最適かつ最も効率的なパフォーマンスを上げつつ稼働していることを保証

Resource Scarcity

世界の限りある資源に対する需要により、既存および新規の施設ではさらなる効率化が推進されています。IMI Criticalは、業界のパートナーとともに以下の取り組みを行っています。​

  • Harness energy from remote locations.
  • Enhance efficiency for major industries.
  • Ensure operation of LNG plants to maximize resource availability.